Herberg hegelsom beschikt over 40 kamers met in totaal plek voor maar liefst 80 gasten.
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Restaurant met bar en royaal buitenterrein – Al vanaf 10 personen!
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Before, while or after an activity and a fun day you can enjoy from some delicious, healthy and durable meals. Those meals are getting cooked with a lot of passion and care by our chef Paul Smits (Paulus Kookt). Our chef works mainly with products from this region, purchased at a farmer or local entrepreneur.

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Let us surprise you with our many possibilities for breakfast

A good breakfast is very important for the start of the day. Here at Herberg Hegelsom we agree. So let us surprise you with or many choices for your breakfast this is of coursehealthy too. Some examples we have biological sandwiches, biological cheese and meats, fresh fruit, biological juices and dairy. In short, we have the right ingredients for a fit, fresh and healthy start of the day!

3-course dinner buffet or rather a cosy barbeque?

Our basic dinner buffet contains 3 courses. Delicious soups, fresh salads, different warm dishes and some tasty desserts. Besides are our ingredients often seasonal, are you vegetarian that’s no problem also for vegetarians we have tasty meals. Do you love to barbeque? Our royal outside area is perfect for all your barbeque wishes!
Do you want something totally different? At Herberg Hegelsom is the customer king and diet wishes and allergens are discussable. So is it’s possible to order special gluten, gluten free and lactose free meals. We always try our best to satisfy your allergy wishes. Vegetarian food is no problem! If you can let us know 2 days before you come here it’s no problem.

Put your own breakfast, lunch and dinner together from your own personal wishes

As a guest you can choose for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or barbeque. All arrangements and also all meals can put together to your wishes. Variety from dishes and adjustments is for Herberg Hegelsom earlier naturally then difficult.

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Want to know more?

Ask your question or discuss your wishes with us. You get excited if you hear the possibilities of Herberg Hegelsom. Contact us!